It’s about good versus evil (content).

This may be a funny thing for a content consultancy to say, but there’s too much content out there. Like content for content’s sake that’s not worth the pixels it’s displayed on, or content that’s just badly planned and executed.

Content like this is evil, and we’ll fight it to the death.

How? By creating as much good content as we can. And as much quality content as our clients will allow us to. So if you’re our client, you’re not just getting good content, you’re saving the world. (Well, not really, but you get the idea.)

Good content starts with a strategy.

If you’re thinking about content, take a deep breath and have a really good think about content:

·  What you want to say
· How and where to say it
·  Who’s going to say it
·  When to say it

The principles are simple, but putting it all together with the right balance of business and user needs is where the challenge often lies. It’s a challenge we’ve taken on with great success many times before, with successful content strategies developed for many iconic clients.

Good content is created for the user.

We’ve built our reputations on the ability to take a complex subject and turn it into content that’s easy to understand. And we’ve made it our mission to create content that’s engaging and insightful for the people it’s meant to reach. Why bother doing it at all, otherwise?