It’s about good versus evil (content).

This may be a funny thing for a content consultancy to say, but there’s too much content out there. Like content for content’s sake that’s not worth the pixels it’s displayed on, or content that’s just badly planned and executed.

Content like this is evil, and we’ll fight it to the death.

How? By creating as much good content as we can. And as much quality content as our clients will allow us to. So if you’re our client, you’re not just getting good content, you’re saving the world. (Well, not really, but you get the idea.)



If you’re thinking about content, take a deep breath and have a really good think about content:

·  What you want to say
· How and where to say it
·  Who’s going to say it
·  When to say it

The principles are simple, but putting it all together with the right balance of business and user needs is where the challenge often lies. It’s a challenge we’ve taken on with great success many times before, with successful content strategies developed for many iconic clients.


We’ve built our reputations on the ability to take a complex subject and turn it into content that’s easy to understand. And we’ve made it our mission to create content that’s engaging and insightful for the people it’s meant to reach. Why bother doing it at all, otherwise?


You may have heard this before, but for the good of all concerned, it's worth mentioning again: think about the content first when you're designing anything from your new website to a one-page flyer. When content leads, the rest will fall into place. Hey, it works for us.



Content strategy, planning and creation for the redesign of AMP’s website.


Content strategy and creation for the Help & Support section of Australia’s largest telco.



Content strategy, planning and creation for numerous ANZ projects, including the redesign of

It’s not all digital content. Sometimes we go back to our roots:

 ANZ Home Loans brochure

ANZ Bank Accounts brochure


We’ve also done all these REALLY well:

  • Video scripts
  • Online tools and apps
  • Content strategy
  • Customer journeys
  • Information Architecture (IA)
  • Voice and tone guides
  • Training workshops
  • Governance guidelines

(They’re all about content, after all.)


Simon Wong (or Wongy, if you prefer) has been producing content since he was 18 months old.

While his choice of media at the time (freshly-painted living room walls) didn't exactly meet his parents’ approval, things did get better.

The first piece of effective content he remembers creating was to a girl in kinder, asking her to go out with him. (Thank you for getting his career off to a great start, Azlina.)

After that, there was no turning back.

He’s helped build brands from telcos to trucks and from shampoo to shorts, in markets as diverse as Singapore, Saipan, New Zealand and New Caledonia. And he’s worked on content for everything from apps to television commercials.

Right before forming Team Content, he was Melbourne Content Lead at Deloitte Digital for more than four years, spending his days (and many nights) helping clients with their content strategy solutions, as well as creating engaging content for all forms of digital media.

He's recently spoken at CSForum, a global content strategy conference, and was on the judging panel at both the Australian Web Awards and AMY Awards.

It's a career that has taken him across four continents, given him some shiny pieces of metal to put on his mantlepiece and, most importantly, helped him feed his family.


We don’t have a bat signal or anything like that, but getting in touch is pretty easy anyway. Just email us at or call 0431 196 672.


18 September 2018: 21st Century ways of working.

In the past two weeks alone, Team Content peeps* have contributed content from:

  • an RV in the middle of Wyoming, USA

  • the eye of Typhoon Cimaron in Yokohama, Japan

  • grandma's living room in Rotorua, New Zealand

  • a coastal town in the southwest of Western Australia

(Have I missed anyone?)

Of course, it’s also nice to have the Melbourne-based crew!

*All of whom have Legal Right to Work in Australia and pay Australian income tax, in case anyone’s trolling 😊

10 August 2018: Melbourne - UX Designers needed.

If you're a gun UXer who'd like to make a difference to the customer experience at a Big Four bank, this gig will interest you. Plus you could be working with some great content people too :) Contract for a start, with the option to go permanent if things work out. Get in touch:


12 July 2018: All the best, Nic! 

Thank you Nicholas Sheehan for your attention to detail, your diligence, your talent, your likeability and your sheer dependability.  We went from 'let's see how we go for a couple of weeks' when we first brought you on, to 'oh crap, how are we going to replace you' when you shared your grand plans. Team Content and our clients will miss you, Nic. You know you're welcome back any time. Enjoy all the adventures! 

But meanwhile, we need another Nic Sheehan (or two!). If you're a young, meticulous, hardworking, talented, likeable and dependable content specialist who lives and breathes digital, please let us know at


30 May 2018: And we're live!

Another successful content refresh completed by Team Content. We’d like to say a massive thank you to our friends at AGL for trusting us with this project. Check out the end result at when you have a spare minute or 30.


26 April 2018: Digital Content Managers needed.

Hi there content peeps, we're looking for a couple of Digital Content Managers, preferably with some CMS experience. These are six-month contracts, full-time onsite at a Melbourne-based financial services client. Please email thanks!


29 January 2018: UX Designer wanted.

Alrighty, now we're after a UX designer, starting ASAP. Melbourne-based onsite, at a financial services client, working on an interesting project. And please, if you consider yourself 'UI/UX', make sure the 'UX' part of it is actually legit. Please email, no 'I can do this remotely' messages thanks :)


24 November 2017: Our first chatbot project!

We're proud to have successfully completed our first chatbot project. Massive thanks to our client (you know who you are) for trusting us to get it right. We look forward to heaps more botwork!


7 September 2017: Melbourne content leads wanted.

We're looking for a couple of Melbourne-based Content Leads for six-month onsite projects. Not just pure copywriters but content producers/editors with great stakeholder and project management skills. A bit of CMS experience wouldn't go astray either. If you're up to the challenge, or know someone who is, please get in touch!


4 September 2017: We should practise what we preach.

So here we are, approximately eight months after the birth of Team Content.

'How's everything going?' is a common question. 'Like you wouldn't believe,' is my common answer.

Here's a massive THANK YOU to everyone who's been so supportive, everyone who's said 'Need a content person? Wongy will have someone for you' and everyone who's become a part of Team Content. You're all MVPs in my book.

Now, what do we mean about practising what we preach? Well, we preach about useful, up-to-date content, so we should probably start reflecting that on our own website. We'll try and keep this going (and by 'this' we mean both the business and the updates). And we'll try and make it useful too. 

Let's start by saying that we're always on the hunt for good content people here in Melbourne. (Jussi: I said people, not resources, OK?) At the moment, we have a particular need for solid content leads and content producers. So if you fit the bill, or know someone who does, please get in touch!