Team Content, AGL and The Block

Any fans of The Block out there?

We had fun working on a set of articles for AGL (thanks for trusting us with this!), as part of their sponsorship of the TV series. It's all about finding ways for the everyday Aussie to apply ideas from the teams' designs to their own living space, ideally without spending heaps of money.

As a content agency, we love doing stuff like this! Here's one for the kitchen, have a read:

Team Content in 2018

I was going to do a 2018 review, but we’re in the middle of February already! Here’s a summary.

The lowlights:

  • Losing a pitch (especially for a client in a category I wasn’t sure we wanted, but went ahead to pitch for anyway)

  • A client saying ‘I thought you were just a body shop’

And some highlights:

  • Getting introduced by clients as ‘our agency’

  • Successfully (and smoothly) completing four significant content migration projects

  • Producing over 50 engaging and useful articles (good content!) across different industries

  • Doing more and more data-driven communications

  • Continuing our support of the Content Melbourne Meetup and all the great work they do

At some point I’ll post a 2019 update :)

Never a dull moment


Last week we worked on:

  • rank names for an online forum

  • extremely targeted data-driven comms (wish I could say more!)

  • a content migration to a new CMS

  • another set of intents for a chatbot

  • welcome emails for new customers

  • screens for a new online data-sharing process

  • updates to a financial infographic

  • a major revamp of comms to people in financial hardship

  • a refreshed digital sales experience

  • a landing page for high value customers


21st Century ways of working


In the past two weeks alone, Team Content peeps* have contributed content from:

  • an RV in the middle of Wyoming, USA

  • the eye of Typhoon Cimaron in Yokohama, Japan

  • grandma's living room in Rotorua, New Zealand

  • a coastal town in the southwest of Western Australia

(Have I missed anyone?)

Of course, it’s also nice to have the Melbourne-based crew!

*All of whom have Legal Right to Work in Australia and pay Australian income tax, in case anyone’s trolling 😊


All the best, Nic!


Thank you Nicholas Sheehan for your attention to detail, your diligence, your talent, your likeability and your sheer dependability.  We went from 'let's see how we go for a couple of weeks' when we first brought you on, to 'oh crap, how are we going to replace you' when you shared your grand plans. Team Content and our clients will miss you, Nic. You know you're welcome back any time. Enjoy all the adventures! 

But meanwhile, we need another Nic Sheehan (or two!). If you're a young, meticulous, hardworking, talented, likeable and dependable content specialist who lives and breathes digital, please let us know at


Melbourne content leads wanted


We're looking for a couple of Melbourne-based Content Leads for six-month onsite projects. Not just pure copywriters but content producers/editors with great stakeholder and project management skills. A bit of CMS experience wouldn't go astray either. If you're up to the challenge, or know someone who is, please get in touch!


We should practise what we preach


So here we are, approximately eight months after the birth of Team Content.

'How's everything going?' is a common question. 'Like you wouldn't believe,' is my common answer.

Here's a massive THANK YOU to everyone who's been so supportive, everyone who's said 'Need a content person? Wongy will have someone for you' and everyone who's become a part of Team Content. You're all MVPs in my book.

Now, what do we mean about practising what we preach? Well, we preach about useful, up-to-date content, so we should probably start reflecting that on our own website. We'll try and keep this going (and by 'this' we mean both the business and the updates). And we'll try and make it useful too. 

Let's start by saying that we're always on the hunt for good content people here in Melbourne. (Jussi: I said people, not resources, OK?) At the moment, we have a particular need for solid content leads and content producers. So if you fit the bill, or know someone who does, please get in touch!